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Mickey Nightrain

Nightrain Music / Rat Records // Atlanta, GA


For over 14 years Mickey Nightrain has brought his upbeat brand of eclectic dance music to audiences young and old of all races, nationalities and economic backgrounds throughout the entire world. Known for his energetic sets, technical ability and vast knowledge of modern and classic dance music, Mickey is one of very few djs who can truly play all styles of music in a set and make it work. On any given weekend the Miami resident can be heard anywhere from a posh upscale lounge all the way to the main stage of a major music festival or even handling the soundtrack for a high end designer's fashion show. Known also as Maximus for his productions on New York rave pioneer Frankie Bones' labels, he changed his title in 2003 to Mickey Nightrain for a more refined image as his music was changing and growing. His more recent tracks 'Ten Grains of Sand', 'Axum' and 'Ignatius II' received support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, Donald Glaude, D. Ramirez, SIster Bliss and Nick Warren while his earlier works 'The Path', 'Crossover', 'Meno Mosso' and 'The Contender' initially brought his sound to international audiences while scoring high on the sales charts. In 2011 Mickey was contacted by 80's rap legend MC Shy D to do a collaboration which they called 'I Bass U' which was released by London breakbeat stalwart Deekline and his Rat Records imprint in March of 2012. The more interesting story starts in the summer of 1995 in an abandoned south east Baltimore warehouse. After a brief Introduction to techno, Mickey felt that it was finally a music that he could understand and he wanted more. A fiend for mixtapes and weekend raves, he became a non-dj music guru, screaming out the name of the tune just by the first 32 count of the record. In 1996 he decided to try his hand at a mix just out of benign curiosity, failing miserably at first but this intrigued him and the rest is history still in the making. He eventually got his first club residency at Baltimore’s famous Club 1722 back at the turn of the century. The years in between today and then have been quite a ride and there is no end in sight for his rise to popularity. The future looks very bright for this hard working music enthusiast and if you catch a gig from him you’ll know what the hype is all about.