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A FREE RAVE and notorious EDM celebration, the PNI experience is a collective initiative propelled by thousands of Electronic Dance Music fanatics along side music and promotion groups such as Spoololife, Masonic, THC Syndicate, PhD Productions, Turtle Productions, Toymaker Music, Catalyticsouls, iQ Entertainment, FUNK Enterprises, DEEP BLUE, N-Phrase, d-Version, House of Babylon, Subterror, In the Groove, PT Enterprises, Induce Online, SoundNutz, Funkshun Productions, Outlawed Productions, Source Productions, Infared Productions, E Productions, Janky Inc. , Nightsneak Entertainment, LP Events, GSP Entertainment, Give Us A Break!, Lunatic, Rapid Eye, Dirty Waxx, and many more.

The Music

Supporting local, regional, national, and international talent, the PNI experience has showcased over 160 DJs including the talents of Heather Heart, UFO, Jason Tyler, Wilhelm K, 3D, Disco Kitty, Avex Axiom, Lady 4 Square, DJ Nitro, DJ Booth, Titonton Duvante, DJ Venom, Odi, Rob Rage, and DJ Shiva to name a few.

The Style

Pilgrims & Indians (PNI) is developed and promoted Live N Real Time, creating an experience that begins before the first beat drops. PNI is an open invitation to all electronic dance music fanatics who desire to contribute their talents to PNI and become a part of electronic dance music history.

The Message

PNI features tag-team DJ sets, representing the UNITY in our community. PNI also raises funds and awareness for a number of causes, expressing our LOVE and dedication to the community. Champions of safe an exhilarating electronic dance music experiences, we pair safe and secure venues with friendly safety personnel to ensure a PEACEFUL celebration for all. In RESPECT of electronic dance music fanatics far and wide, we provide avenues to make the PNI experience available for FREE.


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is so excited to share the magic of PNI 5, 00/00/2015 location TBA. Just $0.00, get up to the minute event info on spoololife mobile!