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DJ Shiva

SUBterror / Surface Tension // Indianapolis


For years, Indianapolis techno & dubstep legend DJ Shiva has brought a multitude of flavors to dancefloors nationwide. From electro to minimal, Chicago Jack to Detroit soul, the deepest to the hardest techno, her attention deficit disorder requires variety in both music and technique. With her foray into the realm of dubstep, the same rules (or lack of them) apply. From straight up chest rattling bangers to skeletonized exercises in minimal dub to bits and pieces of electro and techno, it's all in the mix. Utilizing over a decade of experience on the ones and twos, combined with the flexibility and creative possiblities of Ableton Live to re-edit, loop on the fly and add effects and beats, Shiva brings a fresh approach to the dubstep palette. With her recent vinyl release on Dubkraft (w/ production partner Alien Pimp), her radio show on Dubstep.fm, as well as running Surface Tension Recordings (with partner Fibrous Oxide), Shiva is determined not only to spread the eclectic sounds of dubstep and techno to new audiences, but to quite possibly live in a subwoofer someday.


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